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In 2017 Quanta Vici was initiated as a project aimed towards becoming the go-to Smart Apparel solution for everyone.
In 2020, we had our official launch and met with tremendous love and support from all around the world.
During this time, Quanta Vici was funded internally in addition to Innovation Awards in the fields of technology and health.
Our crowdfunding success was a huge help towards confirming the market's demand and safely starting up.
With a strong proven track record thanks to the strategic launch, we are now ready to take things to the next level by scaling up towards our mission.

Quanta Vici was born to expand the spectrum of human senses & abilities through practical day-to-day smart wearable technologies.


December 21, 2020

Quanta Vici launches world's first Smart Heated Apparel

In this CTV story, founder & CEO, Adrien Beyk shares about our launch and plans.

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Financial Data

  • 2021

Crowdfunding Results

Quanta Vici launched on Kickstarter on October 27th, 2020. 
Within the first 2 hours, we reached our crowdfunding goal.
By the end of the first 30 days, on Kickstarter alone, we sold 1,500 units for +$300K in funding.

Most importantly, we broke even with all our initial setup costs.
As a hardware tech company, breaking even with in 30 days of the launch was a huge accomplishment for us.
The scalability of our products were confirmed early on as we hit our target ROAS (Return-on-ad-spend). 

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  1. Where do you Produce your Products?
    All designs & prototyping is done locally in Toronto, Canada and the final production happens in Shenzhen, China.

  2. How much Revenue have you had to date?
    +$400K (Please refer to slides 9 & 10)

  3. Are you a B2C or B2B Company?
    Both, with our primary focus on the B2B side, we believe our B2C activities make us better serve to our B2B customers.

  4. Do you have any plans for other products?
    We do have a large variety of products in our design pipeline. Our market validation methods that helped us successfully launch our current products will be utilized towards future successful product launches at Quanta Vic in the Smart Wearable industry.

Invest in Quanta Vici Inc.

We did not bother any investor before the launch of our first products.
Because we do not take chances for anyone that partners with Quanta Vici.

We are now open to investments.
Because the most challenging and risky phase is now in our rear view mirror and our proven solid methods & strategies make for a promising future, one that we do wish for anyone that decides to partner with us on this amazing journey.

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