1. How safe is Quanta Vici?

Quanta Vici Smart Heated Gloves & Socks are extremely safe. Our smart features makes our products safer than any other heated wearable, that is because our proprietary smart wearables uses multiple sensors to control and maintain the temperature that is perfect for you. Beyond that, Quanta Vici is physically designed with safe medical-grade components that do not have the ability to heat up to a level that would be in any way uncomfortable to the human skin. .

2. What are the battery dimensions / weight / certificates?

What are the battery dimensions/weight/certificates?

Our battery size is L*W*T = 6*4*1 CM. Weight: 110 Grams. Battery has 7.4V with 2,200mAh Certifications: FCC,UL,CE,RoHS Batteries Using life: 500-600 cycles of charging We are the first to offer USB-C Charging for the Heated Wearables. You can easily charge your wearable on the go and extend the battery life as long as you'd like since we support power banks. Check out this performance demonstration of our gloves vs. others: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrU6Bo4OgUM

3. How are the Batteries Connected?

For our gloves, there is a small zipper below the wrist that holds the battery. For our socks, there is an open side pocket for holding the battery. The fashion design has taken into consideration extended durations of use from a range of activities that include sitting at a desk, walking, running, and driving, so the batteries are held in place nicely and do not fall out or dangle. The connection is via a power jack that allows you to replace the rechargeable batteries if needed.

4. Can the socks/gloves overheat?

Our Wearables are smart, so they sense the temperature and only heat up to your desired temperature degree. Furthermore, the heating fibers we have used are designed for our 7.4V batteries and so they are physically designed to not heat up to any uncomfortable levels. The maximum heat setting offered is 55C / 130F. We have also implemented some really cool proprietary features in our Smart Controller, such as the ability to detect performance issues and change thermostat modes.

5. How do I choose the right size socks/gloves?

Our Gloves & Socks come in 2 size options (S/M) and (L/XL). At the end of our campaign, a survey will be sent to collect your desired size. Our products are designed for long hours of use throughout the day, so the design has taken into account breathability and dexterity, especially when it comes to fingers. So you can expect a comfortable, flexible fit.

6. Will the wearables be custom made?

Our wearables come in 2 sizes: S/M and L/XL. They are designed to stretch accordingly, feel nice, and fit for all sizes. Our products are not hand-made, they are produced professionally by our manufacturers following proven and certified standards.

7. When will I receive my wearables?

The delivery date will differ depending on the tier you pledged for (Super Early Bird, Early Bird, or Kickstarter Special). We will provide weekly updates on our production progress to keep everyone in the loop and maintain a transparent relationship with all our supporters. We are one of the few crowdfunding campaigns that launched with production readiness, meaning the samples you see in our videos and pictures are production samples from the manufacturers that are working with us.

8. What kind of material do you use for socks and gloves?

Our gloves are made with 75% Recycled Polyester and 25% Spandex, which gives them a beautiful appearance as well as functionality and breathability. The Grip Texture on the palm of our gloves prevents objects such as phones from slipping away and the fingertips make it possible to use your smartphone touch screen. Our socks have ventilation mesh to make them breathable and are made with a mix of polyester/wool and nylon/spandex

9. Can you replace my wearables?

We offer a 2-year warranty for our smart wearables. The design and material of our products is high quality so it is not expected that they wear out easily. In the very unlikely case that there are functionality issues in the first 2 years, the warranty covers it. However, we do not offer replacement of the fabric part because the smart device and heating fibers are integrated into the fabric.

10. Can I use the wearables without a smart phone?

Absolutely! You can use the single button on the wearables to choose one of the temperature settings that are custom to you. So your Low, Medium, and High settings would each be defined by you, in terms of temperature degree. The app provides additional information and control, such as exact temperature reading, battery percentage remaining, warranty, support, etc.

11. Can I wear the Quanta Vici Smart Wearables under my ski or motorcycle gloves and boots?

We do consider that certain activities such as sports and heavy-duty work require wearing special types of gloves and boots, so thanks to our thin design, you can wear the Quanta Vici Gloves & Socks under your sport or work equipment. Our products are smart and heated, which means you no longer need the extra bulk to stay warm and protected. Our products are also designed to be thin to provide you with mobility and breathability.

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